Mork & Mindy metal lunch box with thermos. V bop bag. (1980s)

Dukes of Hazzard General Lee autographed by cast at various Pittsburgh Comicons.

Gizmo plush and poseable doll (1984).

Established 2012 

Assorted Barbie dolls new in box with rare lounge kitties.

Redds Display

Early 1960s cigarette machine

Looney Tunes glasses. (1970s)

R2D2 Lipton Episode 1 cooler with Kenny Baker autograph. (1999)

Original framed Star Wars poster (1977).

Watch assortment: Looney Tunes, Wizard of Oz, Mickey Mouse/Disney, Betty Boop, Harry Potter, Starkist, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.

Limited edition Frito Lay 3-foot Ewok with certificate. (1997)

Smurfs collection(some rare)

Captain Hook Big Fig -

Sally  Big Fig-

Jack Big Fig-

Warner Brothers Animated Art

Say Anything authentic autographed poster - signed by: John Cusack, Ione Skye, John Mahoney and Cameron Crowe.

Ghostbusters Joyride Ecto 1 Cadillac Ambulance (2004)

Torosaurus lepidopteron-from Pittsburgh"s dinosaur days in 2003..used to be located at Pittsburgh Zoo

Limited edition Jabba the Hut.  Spud's McKenzie bar lamp 1980s.


Life Size Big Bird from JC Pennys (1990s)

Prism sticker machine with assorted stickers (1980s).

South Park assorted collection: wind ups, magnets, etc.

James Bond Moonraker trading cards. (1979)

The White Shadow bas-ket board game. (Cadco 1980)

Star wars and Star Trek limited edition busts and trading cards in original boxes

Star Wars Episode 1
Life-Size Stand-ups (1999):

  • Darth Maul (Pepsi edition)
  • Jar Jar Binks (very rare)
  • Anakin Skywalker (JCPennys) - with Jake Lloyd autograph
  • Yoda (Pepsi edition)
  • Watto - with Andy Secombe autograph