Mork & Mindy metal lunch box with thermos. V bop bag. (1980s)

Looney Tunes glasses. (1970s)

Torosaurus lepidopteron-from Pittsburgh"s dinosaur days in 2003..used to be located at Pittsburgh Zoo

Redds Display

Warner Brothers Animated Art

Prism sticker machine with assorted stickers (1980s).

Limited edition Frito Lay 3-foot Ewok with certificate. (1997)

Say Anything authentic autographed poster - signed by: John Cusack, Ione Skye, John Mahoney and Cameron Crowe.

Limited edition Jabba the Hut.  Spud's McKenzie bar lamp 1980s.

Early 1960s cigarette machine

The White Shadow bas-ket board game. (Cadco 1980)

Dukes of Hazzard General Lee autographed by cast at various Pittsburgh Comicons.

Captain Hook Big Fig -

Sally  Big Fig-

Jack Big Fig-


Life Size Big Bird from JC Pennys (1990s)

Smurfs collection(some rare)

Original framed Star Wars poster (1977).

South Park assorted collection: wind ups, magnets, etc.

Ghostbusters Joyride Ecto 1 Cadillac Ambulance (2004)

Established 2012 

Gizmo plush and poseable doll (1984).

Star Wars Episode 1
Life-Size Stand-ups (1999):

  • Darth Maul (Pepsi edition)
  • Jar Jar Binks (very rare)
  • Anakin Skywalker (JCPennys) - with Jake Lloyd autograph
  • Yoda (Pepsi edition)
  • Watto - with Andy Secombe autograph